Before your client leaves, take some time to talk with them and see how well they enjoyed their visit. This is the perfect opportunity to schedule their next appointment

Find Openings

Check your appointment book to see whether you have an available spot to book your client's next appointment


Once you've found an available spot, make sure you get your client's details and schedule them in for another visit

Customer Satisfaction

One of the most important elements that keeps a business afloat is returning clients. Otherwise, no business would thrive. At Milano, we see the value in providing top-notch service to your clients. That's why we made sure our software helps you give your customers the level of service they want and deserve. That's what keeps them coming back. Make sure you schedule their next appointment before they leave.

Quick Rescheduling

Re-booking your client's next appointment can't be any easier than at checkout. Milano Software makes re-booking effortless and hassle-free. All it takes is the touch of a button.

Success Stories

Jack Arra’s Salon & Spa

Jack Arra Salon & Spa

 Milano Systems have greatly improved how we do business, right down to our bottom line. Milano’s sales and service are focused on improving your business and they know how to help even with how to set up various promotions and marketing ideas.  

Eric Smeltzer


The Hair Gallery

The Hair Gallery

 It’s one of our biggest draws. We do a lot of our own promotions but with the Loyalty Rewards. It’s a fabulous tool to have. I loved it as a client and I like it even more that we can offer this to our clients, our clients think it's fabulous too! It’s a win/win situation for a business.  

Sheila Scott

Salon Coordinator

Enviro Trends

Enviro Trends

  It’s now been over three years since we made the switch, and the faith that we have in your software just keeps getting stronger. It’s such a great relief to see everything working seamlessly, almost like it wasn’t there. Now, instead of ‘What am I going to have to fix today?’, we can focus on improving, maximizing and ‘playing a bigger game’.  

H. Tremblay


Milano Software will be pleased to show you how our software can help your business grow. 
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Milano develops software for Booking and Reservation systems as well as Retail stores (Point of Sale software).

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