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Milano Small Business Software is great for any small business. Booking appointments and business management has never been easier.

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Small Business Key Features

Staff Management

Flexible scheduling options allow you to optimize staff scheduling. Monitor and plan staff production goals to increase revenue. Flexible service pricing allows you to set a different price for each employee

3D Booking

Stack multiple appointments on top of each other


Full Customer Relations Management System. Keep track of all your clients in one place

Loyalty Rewards Points Program

Reward your new clients and existing clients for referrals and more!

Customizable Receipts

Customize your receipt by adding your logo, your client's next appointment and even their reward points balance

Profit Centre

Keep track of finances and profits in REAL-TIME. Forecast future profits

All Features


  • Unlimited Display Columns
  • Book your staff efficiently
  • Cycle through overlapped layers of appointments (3D booking)
  • Keep track of clients that have confirmed their appointments and which clients still need to be contacted
  • Simple printout of schedule for whole business
  • Simple printout for single service provider
  • Keep special notes on each appointment
  • Enhanced for touch screen operation
  • Automated safe and secure offsite backups of all data
  • Online Booking with Facebook integration
  • Create online profile for clients instantly and print temporary username and password.
  • Easy void/return
  • Book your resources efficiently
  • Keep track of multiple tiers of resources
  • Book standard packages
  • Book custom packages
  • Easy booking availability locator
  • Quickly switch to customized book view
  • Online Booking with customizable images and colour scheme (templates also available)
  • Customizable email confirmation for appointments booked online
  • Customize which service providers/services are available to be booked online (also if the service provider is only available to their clients)
  • Streamlined payment processing
  • Pay for entire bridal party in one transaction
  • Send mass emails to all your clients or a specific group
  • Save pending transactions to cash out others in the meantime


  • Create and manage codes for retail and professional products as well as services
  • Automatically create purchase order based on sales history or min/max
  • Manage inventory that is damaged, consumed, or shipped back to suppliers
  • Streamline inventory counting with an inventory scanner
  • Manually track depletion of professional product
  • Create and manage Service Series codes
  • Apply sale pricing to a group of products in one easy process


  • Full tracking of reloadable gift card sales and redemptions
  • Reportable promotions and discounts (by tax/dollar/percentage)
  • Interactive Payment Reconciliation tracked for each till
  • Detailed financial reporting
  • Sales analytics
  • Summarized analysis of business financials
  • Client performance reporting
  • Export of transactional based data that can be imported into an accounting software package
  • Accounting files that can be imported into most current accounting software packages by GL account number
  • Petty cash usage tracking
  • Key staff performance evaluation and statistics
  • Create your own custom report (65 selectable fields)
  • Instantaneous data availability between store and HO
  • Ability to accept foreign currencies
  • Live updating stats (and historical figures) of sales vs goals by staff or consolidated (day, week, month)
  • Live updating stats (and historical figures) of bookings by staff or consolidated (day, week, month)
  • Live updating stats (and historical figures) of labor costs by staff or consolidated (day, week, month)
  • Sales forecasting of service/retail dollar
  • Booking forecasting of scheduled/blocked/available/booked/remaining hours
  • Seamlessly integrates with a variety of payment processors to simplify transactions
  • Hotel Room Charge integration to charge to specific occupants in a room

Staff Management

  • Easily control staff schedule
  • Display availability upon booking
  • Quickly schedule recurring breaks and blocked time
  • Secured login
  • Smart Card authentication integration
  • Seamless gratuity allocation and reporting
  • Auto-logout through inactivity to prevent unauthorized access
  • Hazed screen through inactivity to protect privacy
  • Service details (time, price, cost) customizable per staff
  • Commissions breakdown and compensation calculator for easy payroll
  • Staff goals breakdown by year / month / day
  • Security controlled store access (400+ functions protected)
  • Staff Time Clock to track hourly wages
  • To do list
  • Second layer security for enhanced protection

Client Management

  • Printable client card
  • Quickly email single client from client card
  • Special instructions to cater to each client's unique experience
  • Individualized performance reporting and statistics on clients
  • Email Marketing using a custom template
  • Setup standing appointments for regular clients
  • Individual on account balance
  • Automatically send personalized birthday emails
  • Automatically send personalized emails to recognize clients for referrals
  • Automatically send personalized email greetings to new clients
  • Automatically send personalized email to attempt to recover lost clients
  • Automatically send personalized reminder for future bookings
  • Automatically send personalized follow up emails after services
  • Customizable receipt layout personalized with client name, points balance, and next appointment date
  • Prioritized wait list to accommodate as many booking requests as possible
  • Fast client info retrieval
  • Lookup client sales history from other locations
  • Email clients by customizable criteria (60-65 fields)
  • Customized envelope printing for postal mail delivery
  • Customized label printing for postal mail delivery
  • Customized letters for each individual client for postal mail delivery
  • Send emails through your email provider
  • Green Circle Integration
  • Printable client agenda showing their scheduled services today
  • Shared on account function between multiple clients using Family function
  • Reward points system (service, retail, birthday, new client, referral, prebook)
  • Advanced points system including, referrals, prebook and points boost on specific items
  • Photo of each client and staff
  • Customizable excel form to keep track of any additional information needed
  • Photo chart link to track clients cosmetic progress
  • Membership program and expiration warning
  • Tax exemption for clients with government approved exempt statuses
  • User defined fields (4 text, 2 date) for any additional information you wish to keep and report on
  • Marketing campaigns to track effectiveness of advertising
  • Automatically send personalized emails to recognize clients for points
  • Have an e-receipt automatically sent to your client's inbox at the moment of cash out
  • Track Series sales and redemptions and easily report on their status
  • Apply birthday points automatically when a client's birthday rolls around


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Booking On the Go
Appointment Reminders
Email Marketing
Small Business
Call for Pricing
3D Booking
Rewards Program
Profit Centre
Callfor Pricing
Centralized Data
Real-time Reporting
Global Inventory Management
Centralized Purchase Orders
Call Centre
Callfor Pricing
Centralized Booking
Centralized Appt Confirmations
Share Customer Information
Share Rewards across Locations


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Milano develops software for Booking and Reservation systems as well as Retail stores (Point of Sale software).

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