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Milano Lite Software is great for any starting business. Whether you've just opened up or are always on the go and in need of a booking management system, Milano Lite Software is the place to start. Affordable booking software to suit your needs.

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Lite Key Features

Booking On the Go

Service your clients wherever you are. Access your data on a train, plane or out of the office

Appointment Reminders

Send appointment reminders, birthday notifications and even email personalized letters to your clients

Email Marketing

Make your presence known on the web. With our email marketing tool, you can promote your business to clients

All Features


  • Maximum of 2 Display Columns
  • Book your staff efficiently
  • Cycle through overlapped layers of appointments (3D booking)
  • Keep track of clients that have confirmed their appointments and which clients still need to be contacted
  • Simple printout of schedule for whole business
  • Simple printout for single service provider
  • Keep special notes on each appointment
  • Enhanced for touch screen operation
  • Automated safe and secure offsite backups of all data
  • Online Booking with Facebook integration
  • Create online profile for clients instantly and print temporary username and password.
  • Easy void/return
  • Save pending transactions to cash out others in the meantime
  • Streamlined payment processing


  • Create and manage codes for retail and professional products as well as services
  • Automatically create purchase order based on sales history or min/max
  • Manage inventory that is damaged, consumed, or shipped back to suppliers
  • Streamline inventory counting with an inventory scanner
  • Manually track depletion of professional product


  • Full tracking of reloadable gift card sales and redemptions
  • Reportable promotions and discounts (by tax/dollar/percentage)
  • Detailed Financial reporting
  • Sales analytics
  • Summarized analysis of business financials
  • Client performance reporting
  • Export of transactional based data that can be imported into an accounting software package
  • Accounting files that can be imported into most current accounting software packages by GL account number (optional add-on module)
  • Petty cash usage tracking

Staff Management

  • Easily control staff schedule and display availability
  • Quickly schedule recurring breaks and blocked time
  • Secured login
  • Smart Card authentication integration
  • Seamless gratuity allocation and reporting
  • Auto-logout through inactivity to prevent unauthorized access
  • Hazed screen through inactivity to protect privacy

Client Management

  • Printable client card
  • Quickly email single client from client card
  • Special instructions to cater to each client's unique experience
  • Individualized performance reporting and statistics on clients
  • Email Marketing using a custom template
  • Setup standing appointments for regular clients
  • Individual on account balance
  • Manually send personalized birthday greeting emails
  • Manually send personalized emails to recognize clients for referrals
  • Manually send personalized email greetings to new clients
  • Manually send personalized email to attempt to recover lost clients
  • Manually send personalized reminder for future bookings
  • Manually send personalized follow up emails after services
  • Customizable receipt layout personalized with client name, points balance, and next appointment date


$699starting from
Booking On the Go
Appointment Reminders
Email Marketing
Small Business
Call for Pricing
3D Booking
Rewards Program
Profit Centre
Callfor Pricing
Centralized Data
Real-time Reporting
Global Inventory Management
Centralized Purchase Orders
Call Centre
Callfor Pricing
Centralized Booking
Centralized Appt Confirmations
Share Customer Information
Share Rewards across Locations


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Milano develops software for Booking and Reservation systems as well as Retail stores (Point of Sale software).

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