Staff Productivity Tips for Salon Managers

6 Tips to Tease Up Your Salon Staff Productivity You’ve designed your salon for peak efficiency. Long hours have been spent sifting through and reading resumes and conducting interviews.  So when you finally hire the “perfect” stylists or technicians for your salon, your expectations are pretty high when it comes to productivity. But even when it seems all the stars are aligned for peak performance, sometimes the numbers just don’t add up when you review your monthly reports. That puts pressure on you, as a manager, which then trickles down to your staff – which creates a stressful work environment. What can you do to ensure your employees are functioning effectively, ultimately ensuring happy customers and increased revenue? Here are some practical hints to follow: It starts with YOU Yes, you read that correctly.  You are a vital piece to your staff productivity puzzle; It’s vital to actively involve yourself in the salon’s daily operations. Be on time each morning. Interact with your staff and with guests. Establish rules and stick to them — but be understanding.  Give advice to your employees to help them manage their time. Your employees are watching you, so be a good example. Take Time to Hire Finding the right team members can be a challenge.  So don’t rush it. It’s important to hire a person whose personality fits your salon’s culture, as well as whose past work shows initiative.  Another important point is whether he or she can handle more than one service (i.e. is trained in hairstyling and nails). This helps lessen their downtime and generates more dollars. Prioritize Training Once you have the right staff in place, it’s your responsibility to keep them abreast of new industry trends and make sure they have the know-how to make it happen.  Here’s a tip:  take advantage of your vendors’ educational resources.  Hair color brands will often hold training classes once you agree to use their product. At Milano, training is a primary focus, offering on-site, web, and remote classes. These resources are often readily available and are a must to fast-track your staff’s knowledge base.  In result, your employees will perform their tasks quicker and offer more value to your clients to keep business flowing through your doors. Set Goals If you don’t set targets, how can you truly measure the health of the business?  You can’t.  It’s essential to have achievable goals put in place to keep your staff on their toes. Perhaps even offer incentives as motivation to keep up the hard work. In addition, salon management software systems provide smart tools that help you set goals and easily track performance. These clear reporting modules can provide valuable visibility into your daily operations, so you can then adjust your methods accordingly if something isn’t working. Show an Attitude of Gratitude It might sound cliché, but it is important as a business owner to appreciate your staff.  Be intentional to tell employees they are doing great work. Even simply saying “thank you” can be motivation enough to keep improving his or her performance. Encourage Client Feedback What better way to find out how your business is doing than hearing it straight from your guests? That can be a bit scary, since it seems those who freely dole out their comments are those who’ve had bad experiences.  But if an appointment goes very well, ask your client to share what it was that made them happy. Maybe the stylist did something unique to make them feel special or to make the day run more smoothly.  These are important things to share with your whole staff, especially if it’s something you can integrate into your salon’s daily activities. Hang Out Together Promoting a sense of family encourages your co-workers to get to know one another better.  With those personal connections come more understanding and a sense of teamwork. This feeds morale and gives your staff a better work experience — and a better work experience breeds increased productivity. So remember that you, the salon manager, set the precedence of productivity at your establishment. From the time you unlock the doors in the morning, putting these simple methods into practice not only makes for a happier work culture, but can boost performance levels higher than Aunt Martha’s beehive.


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