Let’s Focus on Hairstyles, Not Headaches!

Simple reminders for salon managers to help prevent business challenges As a salon manager, you need to make sure your business is operating effectively.  Challenges can arise if you are not taking proactive measures to streamline operations and ensure efficient staff functionality. But there are things you can do to maximize your business’ success,  ultimately resulting in happier staff and customers. Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Make appointment setting as painless as possible for everyone Are you still literally “penciling in” your salon client appointments in an old-school appointment book?  You might think that keeps a personal touch to your business. But let’s face it — how many times have you or a co-worker misunderstood notes scrawled on a page – and accidentally double-booked guests or didn’t schedule enough time for a color and style.  It happens.  But it doesn’t come without frustration on both sides of the business . As a stylist, it makes the working environment stressful to keep up with; a client can feel like she is being rushed during a time that should be relaxing.  So step away from the appointment book! Streamlining your schedule into salon management software can alleviate headaches for your staff and especially your clients.
    • Once trained on the software, salon staff can easily and more clearly and efficiently assign appointments
    • Online booking gives clients the option of scheduling an appointment at their convenience, leaving less chance of the without getting put on hold or getting a busy signal. This could prevent abandonment – ensuring your potential customers schedule their visits.
  2. Provide proper training Once a customer comes through your doors once, you want to make sure they return. But there’s nothing more annoying to a customer than a hair stylist, nail technician or front desk attendant that doesn’t know what they are doing. Here are some pointers to keep a good, consistent business flow, from the services provided to back-end operations :
    • Maintain a best-practices manual for your salon so each team member is familiar with your unique business processes – from the time a guest checks in to when they cash out. Following  a preset list of procedures will ensure knowledge transfer as new staff is added.
    • As the salon manager, make sure you take the time to adequately train employees in new techniques or products before they provide a service.  (i.e. a nail technician hasn’t grasped a new technique or the front desk staff is unsure of a new phone system, making guests wait longer than normal). It becomes exasperating for everyone. So be sure you provide the resources necessary  prior to putting employees on the front line.
    • There are many educational opportunities available for online, on-site or remote training.  A number of companies even customize education to meet your specific business needs. Take advantage of the services that are offered.  It only helps staff do their job better and helps build your business in the long run.
    • If you plan to integrate salon management software, choose a company that will provide solid training, as well as good technical support.  Plus, choosing a system that is intuitive prevents  downtime because it is relatively easy to learn and use in everyday situations.
  3. Set a good example Don’t sit in the back office. It’s important that your staff see you interact with clients and yes, even do the laundry.  Employees and customers alike will appreciate your involvement.  It keeps you in tune to front-end struggles and gives you a chance to recognize exceptional customer service as it happens.
  4. Get organized As mentioned, salon management software streamlines many of your business processes and eliminates piles of paperwork that could take hours to sift through. Some benefits you can expect are:
    • Organized appointment management
    • Improved client relations
    • Behavior-based marketing
    • Increased Staff productivity
    • Intuitive Point of Sale
    • Streamlined financial tracking and reporting
    • Successful Retailing
    • More secure data

Easy access to this information makes the day-to-day life of your business easier to handle. Incorporating these steps and   good salon management software can mean you and your staff can focus on giving your guests the best experience possible — without the headaches!


Milano develops software for Booking and Reservation systems as well as Retail stores (Point of Sale software).

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